THE IRREVOCABLE TEN COMMANDMENTSthe ten commandments in purple.jpg

(The Breaking of the 4th commandment--
The Sabbath Day)

Well...if ever this makes the job easier to witness the real truth, this does it for ya!   Here they are:  The multiple links that prove the right day of worship is Saturday vs. Sunday!  The reason you need to know is that in the 1000 year millinium reign of the Kingdon coming here on Earth-which will be where heaven will be set up, there will be no corporate Sunday worship(except for the Feast of Pentecost which always falls on a Sunday and is counted 7 Sabbaths from the Feast of Unleavened Bread) because God never changed it!  Man(the catholic church did!)  In James 2:14 it states that if you break one you are guilty of all of them so this is why this is so very important! 

Now just in case you want to know why I still go to church on Sundays then thanks for asking...I still go for several reasons:  no sense in fixing what's not broken!   I see what God is doing prophetically, I love my church and Pastors and the people in it, it's a wonderful spiritual organism  AND last but not least, when you keep the Sabbath(Saturday) you can do whatever you like with any other day!  God really doesn't mind because the ONLY day He really requires is Saturday or The Sabbath!  Hold your horsies and c'on let's go high~higher~highYAH!!!!  Shalom!


Help Yourself!!!!  Vast google serch information,GGLG:2005-24,GGLG:en&q=constantine+and+sunday+worship


THE BIG CONFESSION: The catholic church admitting to the change.


Facts #1: Which ones did they change:  The 2nd & 4th commandment.

Facts #2: Details about the early church & the sabbath.

Facts #3: Sunday--named by Catholics to "the God of the Sun!"

Facts #4: Information about Constatine changing the Day.



Argument regarding Sunday Worship: 

Paul gathered the saints on the first day of the week just as a distribution hub.  Information below is incorrect!

More facts forthcoming...

Update 12/09 Happy New Year!!!  The real New Year is in the Spring (just read my post bout this)