Fashion Diva 4sho'  Gone Girl!!!

03/06 I came across the article from AOL Black Voices about a true fashion mogul kimora simmons by car.jpgand wanted to share.  Mrs. Kimora Simmons herself!  She's the wife of Lee Simmons--the hip-hop clothing king!  Truly she has it going on and is a wonderful example of beauty, style, businesswoman/mother & wife!  She badd yaull!   That's all I need to say.  Read about her latest project--a book along with her other acomplishments and it will speak for itself.  So I say to her...gone girl!  Do it!  





Wonderful!  I'm proud of this brotha'! 

john legend.jpgHe took home 3 grammy's last night!  Mr. John Legend as "Best New Artist"  I am most excited for him because I know his parents.  Yeah!   They are fine people.   Both his parents are awesome singers.  I mean his mom sings like operetic, okay!   His dad is an Elder in the Apostolic faith of the P.A.W. organization.  I'm one of their holy ghost babies too.  I got saved in that fine organization also!  His parents and entire family are fine people.  God has a way of putting us on top doesn't he!?  Yeah!  Music is a wonderful art forum.   So we celebrate Mr. John Legend today! Check out details and more photos of the Grammy's.  He's now one of my favorite artist!  For obvious reasons right?!  I love success--especially when it's someone you know!


Bring it ladies!!!!!!!!!!

I was in the store and saw the latest cover of Essence Magazine.  Okay, just in essence cover.jpgshort ...another shot out to these strong black women whom I admire.  Queen Latifah, Angela Basset and Gabriel Union!  Gone girls!  Bring it to us!  Definate Diva's 4sho'! They are talking about how they feel bout themselves with maybe what they thought might be hang-ups a little from society, ect.  Well, hahahahahaaha as successful as they are, doesn't seem to be a big problem.  What cha' think! Keepin' it Real!



alicia keys.jpgI was searching the web as usual and this impressed me.  I'm a huge fan of Alicia Keys!  I am a celebrator of ANYBODY that perfects their gifts.  This is a spiritual thing--Perfecting the talent(s) God gave you. Haha! Check this out!  What has impressed me is the work she's doin' in Africa. So click onto the banner you see there at the bottom of her site. 

 07/06 More photos of my girl Alicia Keys. I'm a huge fan! Check um out!!!

06/06 Hey!  Here is some othere chips on Keys Check um out!

04/06 Update here on a new site Alicia has with here new boyfriend they say!   Go girl!!!  This is awesome!  Check it out!