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Click on both images below for incredible CNN Portfolio Coverage of Black In America:Pt2/2009 & Pt1/2008



After veiwing Video & Info, refer back to my Radio Show for intense uncut information I'm introducing to layer the details of all your unanswered questions! "What Time Is It?! It's YOUR Time NOW!"  Refer to important educational links under image for strong Historical FACTS. header_woman.jpg




These links below are provided to layer some of the "why's" of information above and all I'm sharing on my Radio Show...  



Historic & Cultural Diversity in the 21st Century
(Who are YOU & where YOU come from)

-The Origins of the Races Chart(Find You here)
-The Geneology of Man(3 Sons of Noah-here U are2)








 The Biggest Conspiracy on the Planet:
-Multilple Eye-Opening YouTube Video's
 of The So-called Negro-who is He...
-The Imfamous Willie Lynch Letter 
-The Alarming Jim Crow Era...
-The Alantic Slave Trade Information...
















Biggest Confession Ever Told:
-The BIG Confession...(The Roman Catholic Church)
-Changes to the Law of God(see last chart of page)


The Future-The Future-The Future:
-What's Coming-alarming Videos (Matt.24)
-The Alarming Prophesies/Prediction to come 2012, ect...
-The Coming of the Kingdom of God to Planet Earth...
-The Future Landlord's of Israel
(the so-called Negro)






A Perfect Image of Mother Mary & Jesus!
Black Hebrews in the Bible...Jewish-oh yess!

I love this LINK. The 12 Tribes of Israel broken down per Countries....

Here's PROOF indeed that Black Folk are GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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